Thursday, January 1, 2015

Harvest Time 2015

As harvest gets on it's way, the oranges get sweeter and sweeter.

Stop by and see us!            10 lb. bags ... $5.00

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Family Operation since 1991

Our small grove sits in the foothills 
of the Sierra Nevada Range of Butte County in Northern California.

Oranges are tree-ripened, hand-picked and graded.
Fruit is not artificially ripened, waxed or refrigerated,
it is picked to order for the freshest results.

"Sweet and Juicy"

Our fruit is sold as field run, meaning that each bin and bag
consist of a mix of sizes, with ex-small and large excluded.

10 lb bags are picked daily and make great 
Christmas and  Holiday gifts

Come visit us in Oroville to pick up your bags of Premium Oranges at our farm.
"Just Follow the signs to Long Creek Winery"

"We Greatly Appreciate Your Business"


Sam and John Starr 530-589-2547
You Can leave a Message or
e-mail me at


243 Ward Blvd, Oroville
Off Olive Hwy  (Hwy 162 East )

"Just Follow The Signs To Long Creek Winery"


Our Season runs December threw February
~ We are Not Organic ~ 
But do not spray our trees

Bin .................... Farm Price ................. $130.00

10 lb Bags ............. Farm Price ................ $ 5.00

50 Bag ..... Minimum Order, Delivered ..... $ 4.00 

 ~ Sorry No Shipping ~